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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movie Review: The Tooth Fairy (2006 Horror)

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Title: The Tooth Fairy
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Cateogy/Type: Direct to Video Movie
Cast: Chandra West, Lochlyn Munro, Nicole Munoz, P. J. Soles, Sonya Salomaa Production: 2006 Stephen J. Cannell
Director: Chuck Bowman
Other: Starring the man most likely to be mistaken for a Busey

"Those guys freaked out when I told them I was coming up here. They were about to rape me!"

"Ehhh, I should have told you not to stop there but I'm glad you and little Pammy are okay. Anyway, come on in and I'll tell you about how I'm fixing the bed and breakfast up."