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Awards and Rankings

A. Player-Character Rankings Leaderboard

1. Sorcha MageeScottish RoverGrimmshaw137270L1
2. Mortdechai PhillipsEnglish ExplorerLazarus132270L4
3. DmitryRussian NobleOmegaa697792171L0
4. Mario LuppinicciItalian DrifterJB10592144L0
5.Rhebekka SmithEnglish ExplorerFenxphire6614H0
6.MarcusEnglish Navy DoctorTheColdBard1531H0

B. Mightiest Blows

1.44Mortdachai, Sun Axe
44 Mortdachai, Sun Axe
3.31Mortdachai, Sun Axe
4.28Mortdachai, Longsword
28Dmitry, Double Barrel Pistol
28Hector, Sun Axe
7.26Dmitry, Double Barrel Pistol
8.24Rhebekka Smith, Bow

C. Deftest Execution

1.46Sorcha, Smarts(?)
2.30 Sorcha, Spirit Roll
3.25 Baron Niko, Throw Knife
4.23 Baron Niko, Shortsword/Ravaka
5. 21 Sorcha, Flaming Oil Trick/Desert Thing
21 Dmitry, Spirit Roll
21 Sorcha, Climb Well

D. Other Awards

VisionarySorchafirst to attain Legendary rank
Foulest LuckMariomost 1's in a session (80+)
SkullcleaverMortrated 3+ times as Most Powerful Blow
ExcellenceSorcharated 3+ times as Most Skillful
DeathstrikeMort1-Hit Kills on WildCards: 1
DevelopmentMortConsistent Interlude Participation
ActionSorchaConsistent Colorful Action Scene Narration
ImprovementMarcusSolid Roleplay, Exposition