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Friday, February 1, 2013

Movie Review: Fear of the Dark 2004

Title: Fear of the Dark
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Category/Type: Teen+ (otherwise "family friendly" for a horror movie)
Cast:, , Rachel Skarsten
Produced: Contellation Entertainment/Faulkner Productions, Canada 2004

I've been pleasantly surprised with a few finds of late, that fit the swiftly disappearing "family friendly" horror movies, especially the supernatural horror movies, hat can be creepy or even genuinely scary,
but do it without resorting to constant blatant jump scares that startle, or buckets of gore, or pad it with gratituitous sex, cursing or drug use.

This movie had a commendable very small cast of just the younger phobic brother, his older brother, understanding and protective but irritated at the younger's phobias. The film reminds me a bit of the other movie dealing with kids with fear of the dark, I believe it was called "They", and while I liked that one and it went a different direction, I like this in a different way, though I felt like they didn't explore it as much as they could have.

The monsters and the effects don't show up all that much but are used effectively when they do, mostly staying appropriately hidden, leaving the movie to be carried by the acting between mostly the two brothers in tense but ultimately mundane scenes, which is admittedly a gamble nowdays, but I have to say I enjoyed it. I really thought this was very well done and I recommend it to anyone who liked traditional cleaner horror movies suitable for mid and late teens and older.

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